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  • Rob's latest CD, his 5th: MOMENTS is now released! (Details) (Reviews)
  • Rob's latest video from his single Rite Of Passage is HERE.
  • His latest single from MOMENTS is Rite Of Passage. Listen to a clip HERE.
  • This website will be undergoing new and exciting changes over the next several weeks with the release of Moments. So please visit often!
  • All tracks and albums also available on iTunes HERE.
  • Press Release of MOMENTS HERE
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New Single: Rite Of Passage... and all tracks from MOMENTS (now released!)
NOW available on iTunes - HERE

Rob's latest video from his single Rite Of Passage is HERE.

Rite Of Passage - from MOMENTS - download from iTunes

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Rob's Press Release: MOMENTS

Rob Tardik's Press Release for his brand new 5th CD MOMENTS


TORONTO (19 October 2015): Equipped with an optimistic outlook and an attitude of gratitude, award-winning guitarist Rob Tardik was contemplating the pivotal moments in his life when he sat down to compose the material for “Moments,” his fifth album that will be released November 13 by Guitardik Music through Naxos U.S/Canada. The Toronto-based artist whose mission is to use music to spread positive energy will launch the collection of jazz, Latin, R&B, funk, rock and pop originals that he wrote and produced with Steve Oliver, Nate Harasim and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach with a concert performance that same evening at Spaghettini in Seal Beach, Calif. The first single from “Moments” already garnering radio spins is the flamenco-infused “Sip and Salsa,” a high-energy dancer powered by frenzied fretwork recognizing the enjoyable moments in life.

Rob Tardik's MOMENTS “Reflecting on the key moments that define us, you’ve got to be in the moment in order to catch those moments of unexpected happiness. Life moves so fast and its hectic thus we get caught up and lost in it. These days, so many people are distracted by modern technology that we miss what’s happening right in front of us,” said Tardik. “I want my music to uplift people’s spirits. There’s a lot of negativity out there on a daily basis; my intention is only to bring positivity to people’s lives.”

Tardik opens “Moments” with “Sip and Salsa,” a fun recollection about learning to salsa dance with his fiancée. Using his electric guitar lyrically, “Rite Of Passage” celebrates the monumental moments that serve as measuring sticks to growth and achievement. “Moments In Time” ponders the meaning behind the key moments in life with a ballad soulfully crooned by Aiden Castillo highlighted by some nylon guitar gymnastics from Tardik. Passion is represented on the sultry “Eros,” which riffs on love, sex and intimacy. Tardik’s electric guitar symbolically lets loose on the good-time “Hang Time.” Sometimes things come together in surprising ways with unexpected twists. That often seems to happen to Tardik when he’s writing songs, which is what “Serendipity” is about, a track featuring saxophonist Will Donato and Tardik noodling gleefully on an electric jazz guitar. “Stop!,” spotlighting Canadian saxman Walle Larsson, commands taking action to breathe, appreciate and enjoy the fast-fleeting moments with a funk-tastic party jam illumined by fiery nylon guitar and a vocal hook emoted by Tardik. A gentle beauty, “Reflections” slows the tempo for a pensive moment to recall good times, hopefully with peace, tranquility and a smile. Utilizing Latin nuances and bursting with joy, “A New Life” revisits the “intense, overwhelming emotion” Tardik experienced when becoming a father, which is mirrored by the invigorating song’s grand chorus. The locomotive rhythm on “Voyageur” represents Tardik’s extensive travels as a musician. The album closer takes listeners on a wide-eyed, wonder-filled nylon guitar journey of melody, technique, precision and joyous appreciation.

Tardik’s singles frequently travel into the Billboard top 10 and he’s topped the Music Choice chart. In 2010, he was honored as the Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year. His 2011 disc, “Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love (B.E.L.L.),” scored the trifecta at Café Jazz Radio as the No. 1 album, No. 1 single (“East meets Wes”) and No.1 Canadian Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year. A gifted guitarist capable of playing with the best of them without showboating, Tardik shares his knowledge, experience and skill with students at the Metal Works Institute, Centennial College and the Merriam School of Music in Toronto. He’s a dynamic entertainer on stage, engaging audiences with his infectious songbook, crafty technical abilities, and the charm and charisma of a star whose brightest days are on the horizon.

Source: Rob Tardik, Naxos of America/Canada

Naxos of America: In addition to being an award-winning classical label, Naxos of America is the #1 independent classical music distributor in the U.S. and Canada. Specializing in state-of-the-art distribution, marketing and promotion, Naxos of America distributes nearly 50,000 titles on CD and DVD to traditional brick and mortar retail, as well as offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to consumer direct fulfillment. Naxos of America is also the largest digital distributor of independent classical music, supplying a catalog of over 50,000 albums to hundreds of digital download and mobile outlets worldwide. Naxos of America offers marketing, e-marketing, publicity, e-publicity, physical and digital e-commerce services, licensing opportunities, streaming services, sales and customer service for all new releases and active catalog titles of Naxos Records and more than 400 distributed labels.

Rob Honoured to be a part of Jazz on the Vine for 2016! Tickets are on sale now!

Purchase (for $1.00 via PayPal) the download of a high quality MP3 of Rob's new (1st) single "One World", from LIMITLESS...

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Rob's 3rd CD: "Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love" may be purchased Here.

Purchase (for $1.00 via PayPal) the download of a high quality MP3 of Rob's new (2nd) single "Shakin’ The House", featuring Darren Rahn...

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Purchase (for $1.00 via PayPal) the download of a high quality MP3 of Rob's 1st single "East meets WES", featuring Paul Brown...

(you will receive an email within 24 hours of payment with a code to download the MP3)


Rob's Press Release: Summer 2012

Rob Tardik’s Single Press Release of "Smile" from (Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love)

"Ringing the B.E.L.L of Life" for the summer of 2012

...These are the words that drive award-winning Contemporary Jazz artist Rob Tardik. The song “Smile” featuring saxophonist Jaared off his 3rd CD Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love, is guaranteed to do so as Rob looks to heat up the summer season with his 3rd single off his newest recording which has garnered him two Top 10 Billboard singles for 2011/12, a busy touring season with a spot on the 2013 Smooth Jazz Cruise and made it to #6 on the “Top 10 CD’s of 2011” list in Smooth Jazz News magazine!

SMILE - Rob Tardik's 3rd Single from: Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love - B.E.L.L Jaared and Rob met and performed together at the Buffalo Center for the Performing Arts back in 2010 as guests of guitarist Peter White the night after the Canadian Smooth Jazz awards where Rob was honored by winning the award for the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year. The two immediately struck up a mutual friendship on and off stage as Jaared is one of the brightest new rising stars of Contemporary Jazz. The two again performed together at an all-star jam at Anthology in San Diego last March 2011 which sealed the deal for Rob to have Jaared guest on his CD B.E.L.L.

The result is “Smile”, the third single off Rob’s newest CD “Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love”. The chemistry between these two artists is immediate and engaging as the best things in life are free and “Smile”, simply makes you do just that. Jaared fills out Rob’s ear-catching guitar melodies by adding his cutting edge, layered horn lines to keep toes tapping and faces grinning from ear to ear in a song that simply lets the melody sing without words.

With the new 2012 summer release of his third single “Smile” off his 3rd studio CD B.E.L.L., Canadian born Rob Tardik is poised to further establish himself as a serious player in the contemporary jazz genre, Rob will continue to support his passion for the guitar and to share his true love of performing live music for audiences everywhere, helping to promote the ringing of the B.EL.L. of life everyday!

Rob’s newest single and his other CD’s are available for purchase on-line at, and National CD distribution though Distribution 13.


Rob's Press Release: January 2012

Rob Tardik’s Single Press Release of "Shakin’ The House" from (Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love)

"Ringing the B.E.L.L of Life" for 2012

...These are the words that drive award-winning Contemporary Jazz artist Rob Tardik. The song “Shakin’ The House” off his 3rd CD Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love, produced by saxophonist Darren Rahn, is guaranteed to do so as Rob looks to ring in the New Year with his 2nd single off his newest recording which made it to #6 on the "Top 10 CD’s of 2011" list in Smooth Jazz News magazine!

Rob Tardik's Latest CD release: Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love - B.E.L.L Darren and Rob met and performed together at the Canadian Smooth Jazz awards after Rob was honored by winning the award for the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the year. Darren Rahn who has produced music for the likes of Dave Koz, Jonathan Butler, Najee, Bob James, Kirk Whalum, Eric Darius, Tim Bowman, Jeffrey Osborne, Phil Perry, Jeff Lorber, Michael Lington and the late Wayman Tisdale, is one of the brightest new stars of Contemporary Jazz. The two immediately struck up a mutual friendship and Rob approached Darren after again meeting at the American Smooth Jazz Awards held in Chicago in late 2010 to collaborate and produce a track for Rob’s next CD. In spring 2011, Rob flew to Darren’s home in Denver, Colorado to record his guitar parts and help finish the track at Darren’s “Litterbox” home based studio.

The result is “Shakin The House”, the second single off Rob’s newest CD “Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love”. The chemistry between these two artists is immediate and engaging. The track bristles with enthusiastic energy and the call and response type communication between the two artists is immediate and musically highlighted by the strong melodic hooks in each song section that tie the track together. Darren’s soul-inflected sax work which is complimented by guest bassist Mel Brown’s groovy funk and gospel tinged bass lines help propel Rob’s funky nylon string guitar lines and rhythm work.

With the new 2012 release of his second single “Shakin The House” off his 3rd studio CD B.E.L.L. , Canadian born Rob Tardik is poised to make a musically infectious return to concerts and radio worldwide. Through further establishing himself as a serious player in the contemporary jazz genre, Rob will continue to support his passion for the guitar and to share his true love of performing live music for audiences everywhere, helping to promote the ringing of the B.EL.L. of life everyday!

Rob’s newest single and his other CD’s are available for purchase on-line at, and


Rob's Press Release: October 2011

Rob Tardik's 3rd CD Release - B.E.L.L. (Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love)

Ringing the B.E.L.L of Life !!!

...These are the words that drive multiple award-winning Contemporary Jazz Guitarist/Artist Rob Tardik. As a 2011 Billboard Charting Artist and 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year, the arrival of his 3rd CD recording B.E.L.L. is a personal statement and musical glimpse into his current life’s musical direction and growth, further showing the world his passion for life, music, and the guitar. If you enjoy instrumental music, then expect Rob’s smooth guitar work to soothe your soul and provide the soundtrack to your lifestyle. Rob is again destined to capture plenty of attention with his fantastic new musical offering, further growing his status in the current Adult Contemporary Jazz music scene.

Rob Tardik's Latest CD release: Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love - B.E.L.L From Contemporary Jazz to Pop, World, Lounge, Latin, and Flamenco overtones, Rob’s new CD will be serving up an eclectic jazzy mix of genre-bending smooth, funky, and infectious contemporary instrumental music grooves which will keep him moving forward into 2012 and beyond. Featuring an all star CD of guest artist collaborations and top studio musicians like drummer Tony Moore (George Benson), bassists Mel Brown, Eric Soostar, and Rich Brown. Rob’s stellar core band includes some of Toronto’s finest including 2010 Canadian Wind Instrumentalist of the Year saxophonist Carson Freeman, bassist twin brother Curtis Freeman, keyboardist Davor Jordanovski, drummer Jeff Salem and newest members, percussionist Gino Mirizio and 2nd guitarist Geoff Hlibka.

The new CD produced by Rob and keyboardist/studio owner Davor Jordanovski features for the first time ever a very unique quartal phase music-listening concept. The 12 new tracks of music are subdivided into groups of 3 songs within each of the four quadrants of Rob’s life acronym B.E.L.L.

Rob’s current musical journey opens quadrant one with Balance. The opening cut is the hypnotic groove based radio single “East Meets Wes”, a collaboration right across North America between legendary producer Paul Brown (George Benson, Luther Vandross, Boney James, and Larry Carlton) and Rob. The call and response type communication between the two guitarists is immediate and lyrically highlighted by the strong hooky chorus that ties the track together. All the while the two of them show mutual admiration and a tip of the hat to the late great jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery through Paul’s tasteful arch top inflected octave work which is complimented by Rob’s smooth melodic nylon string guitar lines. Track 2 “The Right Time” introduces Rob’s skilled foray into AC pop music as he pens his first vocal track featuring South African singing-sensation Francois Mulder. The balance of breathtakingly effortless vocals and Rob’s liquid smooth acoustic work will leave the listener humming the chorus long afterwards. Track 3 “Kimberley’s Song”, is a serene, beautiful, heartfelt song written for a very special someone who has brought true balance into Rob’s life.

Quadrant two kicks up the Energy on B.E.L.L into high gear as “Shakin’ the House”, recorded and produced by saxophonist Darren Rahn, gets the pace moving. Recorded at Darren’s “Litterbox” studio in Colorado, Darren and Rob’s music writing/playing chemistry is instant and as the title suggests, will be raising the roof in many homes worldwide. Track 5, “When It Comes To Lovin’ You”, features the collaboration between Rob and Emmy award winning songwriter/pianist Don Breithaupt on this second vocal tune of Rob’s, again featuring the gifted Francois Mulder, the result: a contemporary jazz and Bossa Nova flavored gem with a rich vocal reverberating hook. The up-tempo track 6 is aptly named “Frolic”, a playful tune bordering on fusion written by co-producer/keyboardist Davor Jordanovski. The tracks effortless melodic romp let’s Rob’s guitar and Davor’s piano converse freely and move into sprees of tasty trade off jams and improvisational flourishes.

Laughter is the best medicine and main ingredient in quadrant three of B.E.L.L. as track 7, La Buena Vida (The Good Life), will light up the dance floor and get heels clicking on this Pop/Rhumba Flamenco inspired track that showcases Rob’s incredible facility and lightning fast guitar technique, but at no point loses the listener as the beautiful Latin melodies sing on. Alto saxophone superstar Warren Hill lends his incredible talents and joins on track 8, “Sunday Morning”, a song which defines the genre and showcases Warren’s tasteful phrasing, lyrical soloing, and Rob’s keen melodic songwriting sense. The best things in life are free and the track 9, “Smile”, completes the 3rd phase by simply making you do just that. Guest artist Jaared, fill’s out Rob’s ear-catching guitar melodies by adding his cutting edge, layered horn lines to keep toes tapping and faces grinning from ear to ear in a song that simply lets the melody sing without words.

Love is the final theme in quadrant four and a phase of personal reflection for Rob. These three songs succeed with musical depth and soul in capturing this highly desired, but sometimes very elusive emotion in all it’s facets and dimensions starting with the track “Midnight Blue”. The second song on B.E.L.L. co-written with multi-award winner Don Breithaupt, feature both musicians in fine musical form as they each freely improvise solos that breathe the cool night air into this late night track. The two are joined by Juno Award winning trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach who adds just the right amount of soft horn undertones to the track. The captivating “Waiting for Love”, is a tender chill/lounge song which is highlighted by Rob’s gentle classical finger style melodies that are supported throughout by the trance-like electronic loop-based rhythms. These wash through the song like gentle waves as Gabriel Mark Hasselbach’s muted trumpet compliments Rob’s emoting guitar lines in a song of passionate yearning that at the same time remains hopeful. The CD’s final World/Flamenco-flavored track 12, “Corazon Contento” (Happy Heart), is a fitting ending for Rob having found his own personal peace and happiness in the simple gifts of life as the trio of guitar, accordion, and Cajon jam the tune out into the sunset on a green hilltop signifying the arrival of Love.

With the forthcoming release of his 3rd studio CD this fall 2011, Canadian born Rob Tardik is poised to make a musically infectious return to concerts and radio worldwide. Through further establishing himself as a serious player in the contemporary jazz genre, Rob will continue to support his passion for the guitar and to share his true love of performing live music for audiences everywhere, helping to promote the ringing of the B.EL.L. of life everyday!


Rob's Press Release: Spring 2011

"East meets WES"

Ringing the B.E.L.L of Life !!!
...These are the words that drive the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year, and award winning Contemporary Jazz artist Rob Tardik. His brand new first single off his soon to be released 3rd CD recording is a personal statement and musical glimpse into his current life’s musical direction and growth, further showing the world his passion for life, music and the guitar.

After meeting legendary producer/guitarist Paul Brown (George Benson, Larry Carlton, Bonny James and Luther Vandross) at last years Canadian Smooth Jazz awards after winning the Canadian 2010 Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year award and getting a chance to share the stage together and strike up a mutual friendship, Rob approached Paul in late 2010 to collaborate and produce a track for Rob’s upcoming CD. After the two of them performed again recently in February 2011 at Rob’s recent “Out of the Cold” Contemporary Jazz concert in Toronto Canada, Rob flew down to Paul’s home in Los Angeles to record his guitar parts for the new single after completing bed tracks in Toronto.

The result is "East meets WES", the first track off Rob’s new CD "Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love". The song is a collaboration between these two artists, who are coming together from the East and West sides of the continent and striking up a musical “Balance”. The call and response type communication between the two guitarists is immediate and lyrically highlighted by the strong hooky chorus that ties the track together. All the while the two of them show mutual admiration and a tip of the hat to the late great jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery through Paul’s tasteful arch top inflected octave work which is complimented by Rob’s smooth melodic nylon string guitar lines.

With the new release of the first single “East meets Wes” featuring legendary contemporary jazz guitarist/producer Paul Brown off his forthcoming 3rd studio release this June 2011, Canadian born Rob Tardik is poised to make a musically infectious return to concerts and radio worldwide, further establishing himself as a serious player in the contemporary jazz genre and continue to support his passion for the guitar and performing live music for audiences everywhere!


Rob Tardik Press Release: Summer 2010

Rob Tardik CD: The Right Time

The Right Time is HERE AND NOW!

These are the words that drive award winning Smooth Jazz artist Rob Tardik. His newest album, “The Right Time” is a personal statement and glimpse into his life’s current musical direction, further showing the world his passion for life, music and the guitar.

If you enjoy instrumental music then expect Rob’s smooth guitar work to soothe your soul and provide the soundtrack to your lifestyle. Rob is destined to capture plenty of attention with his fantastic new musical offering, further growing his status as a rising artist in the current Adult Contemporary and Smooth Jazz music scene.

The Right Time” includes a lively balanced mixture of 12 tasty instrumental tracks featuring Rob and a stellar cast of musicians he has assembled for this CD. They bring back that feel and interaction of a real band working their musical magic together as one cohesive sonic unit! The CD features nine new tracks and three off his previous CD, which have been re-massaged thoroughly to capture the excitement of Rob’s music with the melodic addition of saxophone player Carson Freeman and the lush piano work of Davor Jordanovski. Songs like, “That’s a Strut”, “Smoothy” and “You Know What I Mean” all pulsate with this new musical chemistry taking Rob’s music to another level.

New tracks like “Crusin”, “Frame of Mind”, “Bounce” and the CD’s title track, “The Right Time” further reinforce Rob’s ever tasteful melodic ear, always highlighted by his trademark liquid smooth guitar work! Finally the CD’s last track, “Waiting for Rain”, a beautiful serene song about personal growth, captures Rob’s passion for the nylon string guitar with its intimate finger style guitar playing.

An industry veteran, and highly respected guitarist, Rob has also recently co-partnered to launch MDR Music Productions, a new company that will help support his latest release by specializing in licensing new music for TV, film and radio opportunities. The company has already assembled a fantastic roster of new artists with an ever growing music production library and a dynamic new music publishing company.

With the new release of “The Right Time”, Canadian born Rob Tardik is poised to make a musically infectious return to concerts and radio worldwide, further establishing himself as a wonderful new growing artist in the adult contemporary music scene and continues to support his passion for the guitar and performing live music for audiences everywhere!

Rob’s latest CD is available on-line at

To order your copy of "The Right Time", right now: please click here

Rob's Bio, please click here

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Reviews / Press

Rob and his music in the Press...

Rob's fifth CD Release: MOMENTS - Review Quotes...

"this is the kind of adult pop feeling stuff that just plain makes you feel good. Like a summer afternoon on a disc, you just don't want either to end. Well done."

“’Moments’ very vividly emulates Rob’s musical maturity over the years as well as his ability to consistently connect with people. Every album is written to take the listener on a journey; a journey that is positive and uplifting.” – Pink & Blue Notes

“The music reaches both serious audiophiles and the masses. His music gives you a rush, headlong on horseback through uncharted territory far away from here.” - AXS

“You can count this superbly written and performed musical autobiography among Tardik’s finest moments yet.” – Wave

“Tardik starts out with Latin guitar, rocks it up, adds volume and serves up bouncy playing that you'd never call smooth jazz…this is the kind of adult pop feeling stuff that just plain makes you feel good.” – Midwest Record

“With tunes so attractive, they are by nature riveting, seductive, uplifting, and powerful.” – The Smooth Jazz Ride

“Take a deep breath in and simply enjoy the ‘Moments’ created by this incredible new album from Rob Tardik.”
– Exclusive Magazine

“Moments is a true reflection of Rob Tardik’s specialty as a guitarist and composer. Listeners will enjoy the songs and versatility of the musical performances.” - Examiner

“An interesting album by this positive guitarist!” – Smooth Jazz Europe

“Funk, Jazz, Latin, Moments has it all.” – Smooth Jazz Daily

Full reviews below...
Rob Tardik: Moments
February 11, 2016 - George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Guitarist Rob Tardik exposes his guitars to a variety of warm environments here on an album that includes Curtis Freeman/p, Nate Harasim/p-dr prog, Steve Oliver/b and Gary Stanionis/dr as well as guests on horns and vocals.

Carson Freeman’s tenor is a plus on pieces lke the synthetically percussive “Sip and Salsa” and Will Donato’s tenor adds flavor to the ballad “Serendipity.” As for Tardik, he can rock on the upbeat “Rite of Passage” with Donato, and with nylon strings he sounds tender on “Moments in Time” with Aiden Castillos’s vocals and Lussion on “Eros” with even a third guitarist in “Walle Larsson. Tardick plugs into a disco mood on the funky “Stop!” while going flamenco on “A New Life.” He shows his ability to create a climax of moods on a rich and dramatic “Voyager” along with Davor Jordanovski and Rob Tardik’s percussion supplying the only support. Impressive variety of moods and moments.

Original source :

Rob Tardik Interview (Audio)
January 19, 2016 - The

Click on the link below...

Original source :

Guitarist Rob Tardik celebrates "Moments"
December 1, 2015 - Rick Scott, Great Scott P.R.oductions

For the uninitiated, there are two things to keep in mind before spinning a Tardik disc or catching a live show. First, he doesn’t color neatly between the lines. It’s just not his style. He likes getting messy by mish mashing an array of colorful melodies, rhythms and grooves from various genres – contempo jazz, alluring Latin, souled-out R&B/funk, percolating pop and rollicking rock – that are knitted with the common thread of Tardik’s nifty fretwork – impassioned and precision play on electric, nylon and acoustic guitar. Second, Tardik is an eternal optimist, an uplifting artist who lives his mission of preaching positivity through music.

Tardik’s well-received new offering is comprised of all original material inspired by the pivotal moments in his life, songs that he wrote and produced with accomplished collaborators Steve Oliver, Nate Harasim and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. Noted saxmen Will Donato and Walle Larsson are each featured on a pair of tracks. While the first single from “Moments” - the relentless Latin-singed fiesta starter “Sip and Salsa” - continues to garner airplay, a second single will be selected and serviced to radio stations after the New Year.

Reviewers have embraced the “Moments” songs, versatility and the highly-skilled work on display as well as Tardik’s glowing spirit.

Original source :

Rob Tardik Gives Us Wonderful "Moments"
December 1, 2015 - Milena Staniskovska,

Rob Tardik is an award winning guitarist and contemporary jazz/world instrumental music artist. He has performed at venues all across North America the prestigious Glenn Gould Theatre in Toronto. Rob enjoyed a stellar release with his 2011/12 3rd CD release Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love (B.E.L.L.) which spawned 3 U.S Billboard singles two of which went Top 10 and 2015 with his new single “Sip and Salsa”, as one of the most added tracks on the Billboard U.S Smooth Jazz charts, while his 5th CD “Moments” was released in November 2015.

We talked with Mr. Tardik and he told us everything about his experience with the new album.

I experienced many incredible “Moments” while recording this album – from working with many new amazing artists and studio musicians to recording in different parts of Canada and the U.S for the first time.

He is a very inspirational artist, so he draws inspiration from himself and his life.

Looking back, the key defining “Moments” in my life – such as having children, falling in love, reflecting on my past/present/future, and many others – were the most important factor inspiring the twelve tracks on my fifth album and were the foundation I used to compose all the songs, inspire my collaboration with others and assemble a stellar cast of performers to bring these “Moments” of my life to fruition.

We heard the album, so we know that it’s amazing, but Rob is telling us, what can you expect from this wonderful mix.

As always, listeners can expect a fun and engaging musical journey with an eclectic mix of positive energy-infused songs brought together by my signature guitar sounds and writing style. From nylon to electric guitar to vocal songs with me singing, the album features an amazing cast of top name players like Steve Oliver, Will Donato and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, and bassists Gary Grainger from Acoustic Alchemy and Roberto Vally from Bobby Caldwell’s band. .

Just like people, songs and albums can be the same and have the same purpose, this is how Tardik feels his new album.

With this new album, and having lived 46 years and counting, I feel this is my strongest and most mature record to date, which has come from being able to create and write new music drawn from my life’s experience thus far. .

Todays jazz scene is getting stronger and more talented day by day, so we asked Rob’s opinion about this.

I feel the current and older generation of musicians is putting out some amazing new music these days, but I also strongly believe that music – whether it’s jazz or any other style – needs the help of education and dedicated teachers RIGHT NOW to help inspire the future generation of young musicians. We are in the midst of a digital revolution that is moving at such a fast pace in all our lives. I want to inspire young people to slow down, take up an instrument and take things moment by moment, stopping every now and then to enjoy what it’s like to play an instrument and jam with others, not always be in front of a screen. .

And of course our final question was about Rob Taridik’s future plans, because we all want to hear and see more from him.

My future plans are to simply continue creating new songs/music, expanding my own musical skills, and inspiring and educating others so music continues to grow and evolve. Music at the core was fun for me and that’s why I started to play guitar. It’s what keeps me going day by day. It’s a tough business, but the fun factor is one of the keys to staying sane in this business. Perseverance is the main factor.

Original source :

Rob Tardik - MOMENTS (2015)
November 2, 2015 - Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride

Since the very early 2000s, guitarist Rob Tardik has been dazzling listeners with his exciting and often exotic mix of substantive c-jazz/R&B/rock and burning hot Latin melodies. With tunes so attractive, they are by nature riveting, seductive, uplifting, and powerful. Rob Tardik CDSuch is the case with his latest release Moments, another eclectic gem.

Seizing the moment and leading off with a Latin scorcher, “Sip and Salsa,” inspired by his fiancé’s love of dance, the gifted guitarist soars from one mood to another. Examples would be track two’s sizzler jazz/rocker “Rite of Passage,” then on to the romantic R&B deliciousness of “Moments in Time” featuring the silky lead vocals of one Aiden Castillo and sweet backing harmonies of vocalists Dee and Brittani Cole, and the handsome downtempo Latin-tinged “Eros.” Definitely not applying the brakes on the project yet, Tardik treats us to a stinger with a mean hook called “Hang Time” which is co-written by fellow guitarist Steve Oliver (who is featured in some way or other throughout the album). In fact, Oliver co-produced the album with Tardik. A very cool pairing indeed.

Tardik enjoys the contributions of other very fine notable musicians here, as well, including saxmen Will Donato and Walle Larsson, trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, bassist Gary Grainger (of Acoustic Alchemy fame), pianist/keyboardist Nate Harasim, and a host of others who felt the groove and wanted in.

Speaking of feeling the groove, you will definitely want to stop by and check out the blazing funkster called “Stop!,” a command you may have trouble obeying on the dance floor. Whew. Is there a fire extinguisher in the house?

On the tracks Oliver co-wrote, it’s amazing how easily Tardik captures that Oliver style and feel as Oliver doesn’t even play guitar here but opts to showcase his talents on bass, keys, piano, and programming. Interesting.

Tardik returns to that Latin flair with the seductively tasteful and bright “A New Life,” and, after an impressive harmonics-laden exercise on the Latin-teased “Voyageur” and an instrumental version of “Moments in Time,” finishes it all off with the radio version of “Rite of Passage.”

This CD is loaded with fun. You should enjoy the wonderful colors and styles presented here and appreciate the kind of quality and body Tardik brings to the genre…again.

Original source :

Rob Tardik - MOMENTS (2015)
November 13, 2015 - Patrick Van de Wiele, SmoothJazz Europe

On his 5th album, The Canadian guitarist Rob Tardik explores jazz, Latin, R&B and pop/rock. Rob spreads positive energy in the tracks that he wrote and produced with Steve Oliver, Nate Harasim and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. “Reflecting on the key moments that define us, you’ve got to be in the moment in order to catch those moments of unexpected happiness. Life moves so fast and its hectic thus we get caught up and lost in it. These days, so many people are distracted by modern technology that we miss what’s happening right in front of us,” he said. “I want my music to uplift people’s spirits. There’s a lot of negativity out there on a daily basis; my intention is only to bring positivity to people’s lives.” Opener ‘Sip and Salsa’ is a flamenco track with a lot of energy. On ‘Rite of Passage’ you can hear sax man Will Donato, and the soulful ballad ‘Moments in Time’ is sang by Aiden Castillo. ‘Eros’ is all about passion, sex and intimacy. And ‘Hang Time’ is a feel good song, up-tempo and joyful. ‘Serendipity’ is again a duet with Will Donato on sax, while on the funky ‘Stop!’ the Canadian sax man Walle Larsson come son. ‘Reflections’ is a meditative moment, followed by the flamenco of ‘A New Life’. On ‘Voyageur’ Rob’s guitar sounds like a locomotive, while the instrumental version of ‘Moments in Time’ closes, with the radio version of ‘Rite of Passage’. Again an interesting album by this positive guitarist!

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ROB TARDIK - Moments
November 13, 2015 - FirstView,

When success can be measured with the amount of album releases, Toronto based guitarist Rob Tardik certainly belongs to the winners. He started his solo career with the self-produced album Without Words (2006), followed by The Right Time (2009), Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love (B.E.L.L) in 2011 and Limitless (2013). Now he returns with Moments.

On his new album he is supported by established artists like Nate Harasim, Will Donato, Steve Oliver, Mark Hasselbach, Davor Jordanovski, Walle Larson, Robert Vally, Gary Stanionis, Will Donato, Curtis Freeman, Carson Freeman, and more. A good mixture of his bandmates and professional musicians of the smooth jazz scene.

The album starts with the Latin tinged song Sip and Salsa, up-tempo Spanish guitar with great Mediterranean flavor. This guitar style gains more and more followers in the smooth jazz community. The lush Rite Of Passage showcases more of Rob's guitar prowess backed by a horn selection with a short sax solo by Will Donato.

Moments In Time features singer Aiden Castillo, who impresses with ardent vocals and a critical song. The sultry background vocals of Dee and Brittani Cole and Rob's soft guitar riffs sweeten the impression. In Greek mythology, Eros was the Greek god of love. The erotic aspect of this song is to find in the intention as love ballade performed by guitarist Rob Tardik and saxophonist Walle Larsson in equal parts.

Hang Time draws up the pace again captivating the audience with groove and rhythm. Serendipity means a "fortunate happenstance". Will Donato and Rib Tardik reunite to incorporate that condition of happiness in their tune. Stop! is influenced by Brother Johnson's Stomp, an energetic song powered by Rob and saxophonist Walle Larson. After so much fast pace Rob treats us to a contemplative ballad with Reflections. A New Life plays the Spanish card right. On the solo guitar piece Voyageur Rob demonstrates his strengths forwarding special nuances of his guitar performance.

Funk, Jazz, Latin, Moments has it all. When it come to the nylon guitar Rob Tardik is the first address.

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Rob Tardik’s ‘Moments’ goes for uplifting spirits
November 16, 2015 - Carol Banks Weber, AXS Contributor

You can tell a lot about an artist from what he puts in the album. Not just the music but the liner notes, the credits, the history behind the song selections and the personnel roster.

In Rob Tardik’s liner notes for his Nov. 13, 2015 release Moments, the guitarist spares a special moment for an often missed member of the recording, an essential component for any musician, the executive producer. “To my Moments executive producer and close long-time friend Rob Sylvester, without you, the album would not have been possible. You inspired me to take the risk and become a full-time artist. To this very day, you have always believed in me and helped push me forward as my life mentor. Infinite thanks.”

The Toronto-based Tardik gives the same thoughtful thanks in the 10 original tracks (plus a bonus — an instrumental of “Moments In Time” and the radio version of “Rite Of Passage”) of his fifth album on Guitardik Music, featuring jazz, R&B, pop-rock, and Latin rhythms.

For Tardik, music isn’t just about proving himself worthy to be in the club. It’s about sharing positive energy to all willing to listen.

He wrote and produced the music on his latest album with Steve Oliver, Nate Harasim and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. His recording personnel includes full and changing bands on every song. For example, bassist Curtis Freeman, pianist/percussion programmer Harasim, and tenor saxophonist Carson Freeman on “Sip And Salsa,” and percussionist Gary Stanionis, electric bassist Roberto Vally, tenor Will Donato, and Davor Jordanovski (keys and programming) on “Serendipity.”

Tardik’s mission is unselfish, considering those outside himself. “Reflecting on the key moments that define us, you’ve got to be in the moment in order to catch those moments of unexpected happiness. Life moves so fast and it’s hectic, thus we get caught up and lost in it. These days, so many people are distracted by modern technology that we miss what’s happening right in front of us,” Tardik explained in a press release. “I want my music to uplift people’s spirits. There’s a lot of negativity out there on a daily basis; my intention is only to bring positivity to people’s lives.”

Lest you assume Tardik’s Moments are marred by the excessive sentimentality of a simpering New Age consciousness, the music says otherwise. The music reaches both serious audiophiles and the masses. His music gives you a rush, headlong on horseback through uncharted territory far away from here.

The first song on the new album is “Sip And Salsa,” a breakout hit on the radio infused with high-energy Flamenco and a breakneck pace flirting with tango’s spinning abandon. Tardik captured this moment after thoroughly enjoying himself during salsa dance lessons with his fiancée.

“Voyageur” shows Tardik’s technical artistry, pounding out percussive and bass rhythms hard on his nylon guitars, then sequencing with ease into a roving, roaming, pulsating groove, very similar to an early-morning jogger on the beach of Cancun. Somehow, he is able to transmit an other-worldly edge one moment, then snippets of the road-tripping vibe of the 1970s soft rock band America (“Ventura Highway,” “Tin Man,” “Sister Golden Hair”) the next — wilderness next to civilization, the storm before the calm.

He’s not the only voice on the record. As much as his instrumental travels seem tinged with an overseas old European flavor, the vocals come straight back home to the States with a down-home R&B feel (“Moments In Time,” vocalist Aiden Castillo, background vocalists Dee and Brittani Cole), encouraging the listener to kick back, slow down, and “just live in the now, don’t try to get there so fast.”

His songs have hit the Billboard Top 10 regularly. He’s the 2010 “Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year” — for a reason.

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Rob Tardik – Moments
November 9, 2015 - by Kat Cullen/Stu Berketo,

If there is one life lesson we all seem to embrace as we mature, it's to take a moment to cherish the moments we experience, regardless of how big or small they may be, or not. Most of us express our feelings of gratitude on our Facebook pages or any other social media platform. Others will express them in cards, letters, emails or texts, or as I prefer, in the less digitized way and more humanized face-to-face environment.

For award winning and smooth jazz superstar guitarist Rob Tardik, the methodology is transforming his thoughts, inner feelings and emotions into a full length album, which could arguably be his finest musical moment yet. Moments is the most expressive release yet from innovative guitarist, writer, and producer and gives us a revealing look, albeit musically, into the world of Tardik. While Moments is an encapsulation of the people and experiences that he holds personal, there is major talented personnel that are instrumental (pardon the pun) in making Moments Rob's most ambitious and progressive release in this journey of his. Heavyweights Steve Oliver, Walle Larsson, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, Nate Harasim join the impressive lineup of the likes of Will Donato, Gary Stanionis, Lew Laing, and Southern Ontario homegrown favourites Carson and Curtis Freeman and Davor Jordanovski.

Without offering too many spoiler alerts, Tardik’s brilliant expressionist work on Moments tells tales of career accomplishments, passport stamping worldly journeys, appreciation for life's gifts both great and small, passion and romance, the indescribable moment of parenthood, and the unanticipated surprises life chooses to bestow upon us in seemingly miraculous ways.

Tardik turns his electric guitar into eclectic guitar covering nearly every style across the spectrum. Sip And Salsa is explosive, passionate, and fiery and expresses an appreciation of love and talent he and the special woman with whom he shares his moments with have for Latina dancing. Stop! is an in-your-face high energy, hand clapping funk addiction with a sing-a-long chorus. Up-tempo rock and pop vibes are the predominant sound on the melodically enticing Rite Of Passage, and allow your own imagination and to run free and unfettered on the exotic, sensuous and provocatively performed Eros (Passion), where the guitar strings aren't the only hint of something made of nylon! Hang Time is bouncily unleashed into a hybrid of blues/funk/rock jam session, and among the many gentle and whimsical laid back styles, let me to direct your attention to Moments In Time. Easily considered the title song of Moments, the song’s duality additionally identifies it as the album’s 'theme' song. Accompanying the reflective and inspiring guitar melodies is the soulfully magnetic voice of Aiden Castillo, providing the uplifting lyrical reminder that life is not inextricable from material and technological desires, and that the most simplistic pleasures are what matter most.

Says Rob, "Our lives are sparked by special Moments in time, Moments that define us as individuals, Moments we have all shared and experienced with friends and loves ones. As a musician, I give myself to those Moments through my life energy which is embodied in my melodies, lyrics, and chords to stir the audience’s soul."

You can count this superbly written and performed musical autobiography among Tardik’s finest moments yet.

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November 13, 2015 -

For those not in the know, Rob Tardik is a multi-award winning instrumental based contemporary pop/jazz/Latin/world guitarist who resides in Toronto, Canada. Tardik is also the owner and inventor of the Music Stamp Series, a line of musical educational accessories for musicians now celebrating its 27th Anniversary and 12th year on-line anniversary; here in 2015.

As we know, our lives are marked by special moments in time, moments that define us as individuals, moments we all have shared and experienced with friends and love ones. As a musician, Rob Tardik has given himself to those moments created throughout his own life, and its energy contained therein, and found that they embodied - through melodies, lyrics and chords - the power to stir the audiences soul.

The album kicks off with the fast-paced beauty "Sip and Salsa," and then slides brilliantly into the pop funk of "Rite of Passage" (featuring Will Donato). The title track, "Moments" is next, and is backed by both the stunning "Eros" (featuring Walle Larsson), and then the clever pacing of "Hang Time." Up next is the purposeful playing of the sax-backed "Serendipity" (featuring Will Donato, once more), and that is followed by both "Stop!" and the calming, waterfallesque vibe of "Reflections."

The pacing of "A New Life" is just perfectly sequenced to come along next, and that in turn is backed by the finger-picking acoustic guitar work of "Voyageur." This quite brilliant new album is then rounded out by "Moments In Time (Instrumental Version)," and then the album comes to a close with "Rite of Passage [Radio Version]," which again features Will Donato. So, come on now, STOP! Take a deep breath in and simply enjoy the Moments created by this incredible new album from Rob Tardik.

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ROB TARDIK: Moments (Guitardik)
November 13, 2015 - Midwest Record

If Ottmar Liebert were up in Canada trying to create some heat rather than ward off the New Mexico variety, this is probably the next record he would have made if he chose to make his next record pop instead of reggae. Calling himself a smooth jazz guitarist, Tardik starts out with Latin guitar, rocks it up, adds volume and serves up bouncy playing that you'd never call smooth jazz. Like the kind of bright buoyant jazz that solid players were making in the gulf between fusion and smooth jazz, this is the kind of adult pop feeling stuff that just plain makes you feel good. Like a summer afternoon on a disc, you just don't want either to end. Well done.

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ROB TARDIK: Moments (Guitardik)
November 13, 2015 - Soul and Jazz and Funk

Rob Tardik is a Canadian smooth jazz guitarist and he regularly tops charts and jazz polls in his homeland. 'Moments' is his fifth album as leader and the 12 tracker is a relaxing, undemanding listen – a proper smooth jazz album, if you would!

The long player's big tune is the title track (clearly why Rob choose it for the job). We get two versions – one, a very pleasant instrumental in the fashion of Earl Klugh. Better and more immediate is the vocal take. With Alden Castillo on lead, the tune moves into Babyface territory... a gentle. soul-lite massage.

In the last paragraph we referenced the great Earl Klugh and 'Moments' features more Klugh-inspired "moments".... notably 'Reflections' and 'Voyageur' and though on 'Sip And Salsa' and 'A New Life' Tardik plays nylon-strung guitar, the feel is more flamenco than Klugh.

Elsewhere, the lead instrument is electric guitar and there's a rocky flavour to some of the cuts - like 'Rite Of Passage' though sax input from guests like Will Donato adds a soulful undertow to proceedings.

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"Moments" by Rob Tardik
November 12, 2015 - /

Guitarist Rob Tardick offers listeners a mélange of vibrant jazz, funky R&B grooves, and exotic Latin rhythms during Moments, his fifth release. He is joined by a coterie of successful musicians including Steve Oliver, the Los Angeles-based bass player, keyboardist and programmer who co-wrote and co-produced the recording.

“Sip and Salsa,” the first single released from the CD, is already getting positive reviews and radio airtime. It is a high-energy, flamenco-inspired jam that features Tardick’s amazing fret work and fingering technique.

Up next is “Rite of Passage,” which he plays on electric guitar to celebrate moments of his musical growth and achievements. Aiden Castillo’s vocals on the soulful ballad “Moments in Time,” is Tardik’s reflection on the key moments in his life while passion is reflected in the sexy riffs on the sultry “Eros” composition.

Overall, Moments is a true reflection of Rob Tardik’s specialty as a guitarist and composer. Listeners will enjoy the songs and versatility of the musical performances.

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Rob Tardik Is Relishing The “MOMENTS”
November 13, 2015 - Pink and Blue Notes

In just a few days, multidimensional eclectic guitarist Rob Tardik will release his fifth album, “Moments.” That same day (November 13, 2015), he will also showcase the album at a release party at Spaghettini’s. Rob–once named the Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the year–is very intentional with his music. “Moments” very vividly emulates Rob’s musical maturity over the years as well as his ability to consistently connect with people. Every album is written to take the listener on a journey; a journey that is positive and uplifting. Rob wholeheartedly believes that we all experience defining moments in life that define us as individuals. “Moments” is a reflection of some of those experiences for Rob. Rob wrote and produced “Moments” with Steve Oliver, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, and Nate Harasim. The extensive collection of songs features Will Donato and Walle Larson. The first single, “Sip and Salsa,” is gaining popularity on the airways.

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Rob Tardik - LIMITLESS
August 26, 2013 - by Stu Berketo of

When I had the extreme pleasure of hosting guitar guru Rob Tardik's highly electrifying CD release party in Mississauga this summer, I assured the crowd that if his new project was a baseball starting lineup card, it would compare to that of the 1993 champion Blue Jays. Tardik's highly anticipated and successful album Limitless has earned him intense notoriety and recognition since its July release, and in terms of talent and sound, the title is a perfect metaphor. Tardik's own astounding guitar abilities, song-writing, and production skills and expertise is backed up some of the biggest contemporary jazz names such as Steve Oliver, Walle Larson, Vincent Ingala, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, Phil Denny, Curtis Freeman, and Jeff Salem, with special mention also going to Darryl Williams and Jaliden Ruiz.

Perfectly arranged and produced, Limitless offers non-stop melodies, rhythms, grooves, and vibes so rich and lush that attempting to choose your favourite tracks would be fruitless and pointless. Limitless erupted onto the jazz scene with the Tardik/Oliver guitar fiesta One World infused with latin/world rhythms, chords, and vocal shouts that feel like an exotic journey to destinations unknown and signals the passport stamping throughout the rest of this masterful project. Tardik's positive energy as both a player and a person is felt throughout the album with a list of tracks that are automatically stamped as feel good works of art. The semi title song No Limits is a perfect example of that, infused with relentless chords and hooks, and made to perfection with Ingala's sweetly stylish sax, and goes down as my personal ultimate track, if needed to pick just one. Givin' Back is pounding with pure rhythm, and RobBop is more driving energy with subtle blues-rock nuances and ingeniously produced with the nostalgic scratchy record vinyl to intro and extro this tremendous track. We get the inspiring gentle side of Tardik's talent's on wondrous masterpieces as Moments and Always There (two versions included; the second featuring sax man Denny), both of which are soul stirring and sparkling with brilliance.

The album artwork's celestial and mystical portrait of humankind below what is a universe lacking in limitations and potential is not lost in either its spoken or unspoken meaning. Tardik not only reminds us of our own capabilities, but demonstrates his with what could ostensibly be his finest musical hour ever. Sheer brilliance and talent emanate almost limitlessly from Limitless and unquestionably goes down as one of most exquisite releases of 2013. To quote the very profound and prolific words of the award winning guitarist himself, 'As humans we all have the limitless potential to open one of the many doors of opportunity that our lives present to us. We all can accomplish extraordinary things wherever our passion, dedication, perseverance and hard work take us'.

A very enlightening statement from a talent who could simply just let his guitar do most of his speaking.

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HOT SINGLE PICK - Rob Tardik - "One World" - Tardik Talks New Album LIMITLESS with Smooth Jazz Now
March 27, 2013 - by Beth Knudsen of Smooth Jazz Now

They say “everything is perception” and from the start our image of Rob Tardik has been hard working and positive. With the release of his fourth album LIMITLESS, later this year, we thought we would catch up with Tardik and ask about the sound of the new project.

“The sound of the new album continues to define my love and passion for the guitar in all its many styles and tones.” Tardik told Smooth Jazz Now in an exclusive interview. “I wanted to keep music fun, accessible for everyone, and the energy quite high throughout and as always have every song holds its own melodically. The premise of the CD is “As humans, we all have “LIMITLESS” potential to do extraordinary things wherever our passion, dedication, perseverance and hard work take us. We just need to take action and open up the doors that life presents to us many times in our lives!”

Tardik says he had a simple goal for the new album, “I wanted to go back and really feature myself and the guitar on this my 4th CD, as my last two CD’s really featured a lot of guest artists and other instruments in the forefront so I wanted to highlight my guitar playing on this outing.”

The guitarist also told us he will feature a new toy on the project, “Godin guitars my main instrument endorser and their owner Robert Godin (picture left with Tardik) and product rep Mario Biferali built me a beautiful new “Limitless” guitar. My guitar artist, John Glenecki and web designer, Michael Profesorski did all the artwork and the end result is just a spectacular instrument {edit: corrected from original copy} in both clear transparent tone and playability. This is the main instrument on the CD plus I brought in two of my hand made Flamenco guitars from Spain, Loucin and Gibson Acoustic’s and my main go to electric 91 purple stratocaster is featured a lot on this CD finally as I decided to play electric again on this CD.”

Our Program Director, John Beaudin has often compared Tardik and Steve Oliver and it seemed liked a no-brainer that the pair would work together. Here is what Tardik shared with us on Oliver, "I have been working with the incredible Steve Oliver as a co-producer for the single “One World’, and another track “Moments’ he played on as well. He is a pure joy to work with and as we share a real passion for music, guitar and putting out loads of great positive energy into the music universe."

Tardik has a tight team on the new album. "I have Juno winner Greg Kavanagh engineering some of the CD as well and who has worked with many great Canadian artists over the years and was a student of Lee Ritenour many years ago in LA so he is always “in tune” with my guitar ideas , lol. I ended up jamming live in the studio and record using my drummer Jeff Salem and bassist Curtis Freeman for most of the bed tracks as I wanted real instruments this time out again for a lot of the tracks and not software and machines. As for other guest artists, I am not going crazy this CD as I want to keep the guitar front and center but I do have some surprises in store that I am keeping under wraps for now so stay tuned!!!”

On his philosophy here is what the guitarist shared, “Life for me is all about B.E.L.L. (Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love) as you know from my last CD and giving back as much as possible to others when we can. For me, that has come in the form of me performing at local hospitals for patients and staff and by teaching players of all ages. Through music education I have found many doors that I continue to open as I look for new opportunities and ways to educate and inspire the players of tomorrow. I have a show for children with my drummer we perform at schools called “Rhythm and Strings” and I just finished some workshops for Long and McQuade and currently teach on faculty at Metalworks studios and at the Merriam School of Music for about 18 years now. I have spent countless hours teaching thousands of students over the years and it’s always so fulfilling when many years later some will reach out and tell me of their musical accomplishments and thank me for inspiring them. That’s what it’s all about and why this is so meaningful for over these last 25 years.”

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Rob Tardik - Christmas Morning
November 11, 2012 - Smooth Jazz News

One of the most innovative and appealing releases of the holiday season thus far is ‘Christmas Morning’ by Canadian guitarist Rob Tardik. Originating from Rob’s current CD ‘B.E.L.L.’ and formerly titled ‘Sunday Morning’, he has cleverly remixed it, added bells and a helping of melodic holiday magic to deliver what is a really outstanding festive single. With some great playing from fellow countryman Warren Hill this is an extremely strong track that may well stand the test of time.

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26th Annual Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival
Oct. 4-7; 11-14 and 18-21, Avalon, California

By Jonathan Widran and Melanie Maxwell

Smooth Jazz Cover Story

Celebrating an incredible quarter century as one of the best and most diverse contemporary jazz festivals in the country is the Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival, the first three weekends of October.

Launched by veteran radio personality Art Good as a single weekend event in 1987, this year the festival continues its unique tradition of offering a lineup that mixes established genre stars (Peter White, Brian Culbertson, Euge Groove, Paul Taylor, Mindi Abair, Najee, Eric Darius, The Sax Pack) with surprise guest legends (Booker T. Jones) and famed performers from other, non-smooth realms of jazz (multiple Grammy Award winners Gordon Goodwin's 18-piece Big Phat Band).

Between these familiar names on all three weekends are talented rising solo artists who, based on the popularity of their early recordings, hit airplay singles and demand for their live performances, represent the next generation of smooth jazz. Several of the younger artists on this year’s slate have played to rousing ovations at the festival before, including saxophonist Marcus Anderson (2010 and 2011), keyboardist Jonathan Fritzén (2011) and guitarist Rob Tardik, who headlined one of 2011’s official after-parties and this year takes the main stage for the first time. Violinist Karen Briggs, best known to contemporary jazz fans as Yanni’s globetrotting violinist, brought down the ballroom last year and is returning for a second time.

Other artists playing this year who may be new on the average festivalgoer’s radar are 19-year-old multi-instrumentalist Vincent Ingala (who was named Smooth Jazz News’ Debut Artist of the Year in 2011) who will be performing with Sax and the City; bassist Julian Vaughn and keyboardists Brian O’Neal and 19-year-old Nicholas Cole. Another debuting artist who defies strict categorization but has been an explosive force in jazz these past years is Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews with his band Orleans Avenue. This Grammy-nominated New Orleans-based sensation made his mark on Southern California jazz fans with debut appearances at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach Jazz Festival and Thornton Winery.

After the Catalina festival was extended in the early ‘90s from two identical-lineup weekends to three with distinct lineups, Good also added Thursday evening Unplugged shows outdoors (now held at Descanso Beach) followed by three days and nights of concerts in the elegant Avalon Casino Ballroom. This has given him an advantage over producers of one- or two-day events where every artist has to be an “A-lister” to ensure brisk ticket sales. Yet his knack for discovering and debuting artists who later became genre stars was there from the start.

In 1987, before any other station was playing The Rippingtons’ debut album Moonlighting, Good was the first person to interview Russ Freeman on the radio and took a chance on booking the band (with Gregg Karukas on keyboards) for the first event; they also played the following year. David Benoit was just emerging in the new format with his album This Side Up and Good booked him for the first two years as well. Other future stars who played Catalina early in their eventually booming careers were Acoustic Alchemy, Keiko Matsui, Jesse Cook, Peter White, Mindi Abair (who debuted as part of an all-star band in 1994) Paul Brown and Jessy J.

“There are always going to be a few misses along the way,” Good said, “but it’s always about trusting my instinct and experience from working in the business for 30 years. When you get a show like Jesse Cook gave back in 1995, it’s like winning a big game, and you would like to do that again. In the early years, I would always hear artists live before I booked them, but now that I live in Palm Springs, I don’t always have that opportunity so I rely on what I hear on their recordings, YouTube videos and word of mouth.

“This year, I have not heard Trombone Shorty live, but I heard great buzz about his performance in Newport Beach in 2011 and know his vibe expands beyond just smooth jazz. Last year, I remember in early summer trying to figure out Jonathan Fritzén, like, “Is this guy for real?” I took a chance and booked him. Not only was he for real, I chose him as the festival’s Debut Artist of the Year. Some of these guys make my job look very easy.”

Smooth Jazz News recently had the privilege of talking to several of this year’s newer performers -- and all of them speak glowingly about their first experiences at the festival and about the impact it had on their careers.

Marcus Anderson
Just three years after his breakthrough in contemporary urban jazz circles as the 2009 winner of the Capital Jazz Fest Challenge, Marcus Anderson has released two critically acclaimed albums (From the Heart and Now), which have received substantial radio and Music Choice airplay, and he has played everywhere from Blues Alley in Washington, DC, to Jazz Alley in Seattle, JazzFest West in San Dimas, California, and the Seabreeze Jazz Festival in Panama City Beach, Florida. Since his first appearance at Catalina, he has toured with R&B great Anthony Hamilton, performed throughout Europe with Sheila E., become an official touring and recording member of The Sax Pack with Jeff Kashiwa and Steve Cole, replacing Kim Waters; and is currently touring with Prince and the New Power Generation in the horn section for the Welcome 2 Chicago tour.

“My first experience playing Catalina was incredible and unmatchable for so many reasons,” the North Carolina-based saxman said. “When you’re building a career, perception is everything and playing a major event like this in California made fans and people in the industry see me as much more than a local or East Coast artist. I had just started breaking through a year earlier, and I feel like it justified me as a presence in the genre. Not only do fans across the country know who I am, but I had opportunities to play with amazing artists I might otherwise not have, and my name came up when Kim (Waters) left The Sax Pack. I respect Art because he takes risks on newer talent, and that exposure is crucial for independent artists like me in building sustainable careers. I’m really looking forward to playing there again, and I am working on making it my best show ever. These fans deserve it.”

Jonathan Fritzén
When Stockholm-born keyboardist Jonathan Fritzén debuted at the festival last year, many who were blown away by his Saturday afternoon appearance had no idea that he already had released three recordings. Following his 2008 self-produced debut Love Birds and his 2009 set VIP, his breakthrough album Diamonds was released in 2010. His latest, the perfectly titled Magical, debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard contemporary jazz chart. Born to a Swedish mother and American father, Fritzén started on drums at an early age and later learned piano, bass, guitar and flute. Influenced by everyone from Oscar Peterson to Keith Jarrett, he was educated at the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in Stockholm, where he became one of the first students to receive a master’s degree from the jazz department.

Since playing Catalina for the first time last year, he has played at Good’s Big Bear Lake JazzTrax Summer Music Festival in June and other major festivals in Bangkok, Stockholm and most recently, Las Vegas. “When Art invited me to play Catalina, I had always heard that it was one of the premiere jazz festivals in the U.S., and I was thrilled to be invited,” said Fritzén. “And, I am happy to be asked back this year. He really makes you feel great as an artist, and I made new fans at my show who have come back to see me play at other places around the country. Catalina really opened a lot of doors, not just for other festivals in the States but overseas as well. I feel like I’m switching continents playing shows almost every week now. This year I’ve really got to up my game because I’m playing on a Saturday night opening for Mindi!”

Rob Tardik
Last year, Toronto-born-and-based guitarist Rob Tardik rose to the enviable challenge of following a blazing main stage performance by Richard Elliot with a show by his trio at the official festival after-party. His success at this event inspired Good to invite him to play at this year’s Big Bear event and to have him open for Najee on Saturday evening of the second weekend of the Catalina festival this year.

Tardik has performed for five consecutive years at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, winning the honor of Guitarist of the Year in 2010. Over his 20-year career, the guitarist has shared the stage with everyone from legendary producers Phil Ramone and Paul Brown to Peter White and David Sanborn. Over the past year, he has played venues in Boston, Florida, San Diego and several times at Spaghettini in Seal Beach, California.

Tardik, who released his third CD, Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love (B.E.L.L.), last year (which was also on Smooth Jazz News’ 2011 Top 10 list of best CDs), has worked for Roland Canada as a guitar product specialist and clinician and has been a faculty member at the prestigious Merriam School of Music in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, for more than 15 years.

“I’ve been recording and playing for years in Canada,” he said, “and it’s nice to have an opportunity to break into the U.S. market both on the radio and as a live performer. Last year’s show was a real catalyst toward establishing a presence in the U.S. Art’s been a big supporter of my music and has been helpful to me in this area, and I’m excited about taking the main stage this time. Being invited to play Catalina is special because artists know that they’re following in the footsteps of artists we have all looked up to over the years. I’m hoping to see a lot of the people who saw me play the party last year, and I look forward to the opportunity to play for others that I hope will become new fans. I love the genre because it allows me to be eclectic, incorporating all of my influences from Motown to Latin jazz.”

Karen Briggs
While the violin has not been a lead instrument on smooth jazz radio for many years, Good created an exciting one-two urban-flavored punch last year by pairing guitarist Nick Colionne with Karen Briggs, whose several- decade resume includes nearly 15 years with Yanni (including his famed concerts at the Acropolis and Taj Mahal) and performances with everyone from Dave Grusin and Stanley Clarke to Chaka Khan, Wynton Marsalis, Patrice Rushen and Kenny Loggins.

While Briggs blew away the Friday night audience last year in Catalina with selections from her most recent album Soulchestral Groove, she didn’t realize that Catalina Express holds their late boats for musicians who run overtime -- and in her panic over possibly missing it, she cut her set short and wasn’t able to do the encore fans were demanding. She promises that will change this year on her Friday night (Oct. 12) show before Colionne’s. Another near mishap last year happened when the pickup mic on her violin went out during sound check; fortunately a member of the sound crew had a spare mic that fit and worked perfectly.

Although Briggs has released several solo albums, her success as a featured musician with bigger name artists has precluded her from devoting as much time as she would like to further developing her solo career. Playing Catalina, she believes, helps her lay a strong foundation for more opportunities to take center stage in the future.

“The Catalina audience really listens,” she said. “They’re avid jazz fans that really care about the music and respond vocally when they hear what they like. My attitude going into a show is to never take for granted that the response will be favorable, so it was gratifying that the audience “got it” as I played my eclectic set. Aside from that, the Casino Ballroom is beautiful, with unique architecture and the domed ballroom. The fact that for so many years fans have been catching a ferry boat to attend this festival speaks volumes about the way Art Good has fulfilled his vision. For me, it definitely added a little extra excitement having to take a boat to play a gig. This year, I know the boat will wait for me so I will play as long as the audience lets me!”

Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue
Good has so much confidence in inviting Trombone Shorty to the festival this year that he scheduled him in the final slot of the third Sunday night. Those considering taking the same chance on seeing an artist who is essentially new to fans of this genre should know a few things about Troy Andrews. The funk/rock horn player is a product of New Orleans’ culturally rich Treme neighborhood who was a bandleader by the age of 6. While navigating The Big Easy with his band in tow, he was also absorbing lessons from his older brother James, a dynamic musical performer known as “Satchmo of the Ghetto.” As a graduate of the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts, he joined the ranks of fellow alumni Branford Marsalis, Harry Connick, Jr. and Nicholas Payton. Marsalis once said of Shorty: “Troy possesses the rarest combination of talent, technical capability and down-home soul. I’m his biggest fan.”

The 26-year-old trombonist and vocalist has performed over the years with Norah Jones, Diana Krall, chart-topping rapper Juvenile and was tapped in 2005 by Lenny Kravitz to be a featured member of his horn section for the 63-date Electric Church world tour that in North America supported Aerosmith’s Rockin’ the Joint tour. His recordings include the Grammy-nominated debut album Backatown and For True, both of which feature a style Shorty refers to as “supafunkrock.”

Even as Good continues to try to figure out ways to get big ticket artists like Kenny G, Boney James, Dave Koz and George Benson out to the festival, he is proud of the Catalina Island JazzTrax legacy of mixing the artists everyone loves with those he believes they will come to embrace.

“I understand it’s a business, and everyone wants to make money,” he said, “and as a festival producer, I want to make money, too. But at the same time, this is my showcase, and I’ve always strived to give the fans variety at the festival while emphasizing the uniqueness that we’re on a historic island with an atmosphere and water activities that no other jazz festival can match. No matter how much the genre has evolved over the years, my basic approach to booking new artists is still the same. When I see them live (or, if that is not possible, on YouTube these days), I never close my eyes. I simply try to imagine what they would look and sound like in the Casino Ballroom. Most of the time, I’m happy to say, the artists I choose knock it out of the park.” (original source)

Smooth Jazz News
Rob Tardik: JazzTrax Summer Festival
Friday, June 22, 2012 - JazzTrax

Rob Tardik did a NUMBER on the JazzTrax Summer Festival Goers Friday Night June 22, 2012. On board a Sternwheeler on an Alpine Mountain Lake in the most intimate of settings. Only 100 per sailing, 2 sailings. These Opening Night JazzTrax Festival goers had driven up a mountain highway, above the clouds for a Smooth Jazz SummerTime Weekend. Rob playing Unplugged on a boat cruising the lake had nobody even noticing they were on a lake surrounded by mountains. They were so totally focused on his expertise on guitar and his showmanship. They were still talking about Rob, after watching some of the biggest names in Smooth Jazz throughout the rest of the weekend. Was it Rob or was it the Lake? They combined for pure Summertime magic at Altitude.

Jazz For Joe a Huge Success
Thursday, 26 April 2012 - The Meaford Independent

Thanks to the incredible support of music lovers in Meaford and the surrounding area, the first 'Jazz For Joe' concert was a sold-out success.

McGinty's Upstairs was jumping Sunday afternoon as Rob Tardik, Carson Freeman and Davor Jordanovski rocked the house with smooth groove, R&B, cool licks and loads of personality. The surprise addition of Meafordite Sylvain Defoy on percussion was a welcome treat, and event organizer Vickie van Dyke's vocals completed the musical mix.

Over $1500 was raised for The Beautiful Joe Heritage Society - the most successful fundraiser in the organization's history. Monies raised will go towards the Beautiful Joe Park accessibility project.

Organizers extend thanks to everyone who attended and especially all of the wonderful sponsors: Sisi Trattoria and The Mill Cafe in Thornbury, Solitudes Spa & Tanning Studio, Fotos and Flowers in Meaford, Ardiel Animal Hospital, Aqua Massage Therapy, Blossom Health Club for Women, The Bruce Wine Bar, Complete Care Cleaning, Craig & Elenor Breen, Gary Chick (Artist), GreatSmile Dental, Kingstone Chiropractic, Isobel Parkin (Artist), Simply Unique, Trafalgar Trophies & Engraving, Waggin Tail Cafe as well as our hosts McGinty's and McGinty's Upstairs!

The next concert takes place on June 24 and features six time Canadian Smooth Jazz male vocalist nominee Chris Smith. You can expect another rollicking afternoon at McGinty's Upstairs when Chris and his band take to the stage.

Original source may be found here: The Meaford Independent
Rob Tardik: Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love (2012)
Review by: Hrayr Attarian, Published: February 10, 2012

Mississauga native Rob Tardik was named 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist, among other accolades that he has won for his musicianship; it is easy to understand why, listening to B.E.L.L (Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love) . Although, technically speaking, it falls in the smooth jazz category, it is far from ambient, background music. Instead it is highly melodic and rewards a close listen.

As with his previous two releases, on this, his third as a leader Tardik spans different styles including Latin and flamenco, pop, R&B and blues. Here, however, there is thematic structure to the different genres. Each set of three tunes falls under the setting of one of the four elements of the title.

"Balance," for example, encompasses the funky "East meets Wes," featuring an atmospheric guitar duel between Tardik and Paul Brown over a bed of groovy keyboards and drum. The vocal ballad "The Right Time" showcases South African vocalist Francois Mulder's smooth baritone, as does contemplative "Kimberly's Song," marked by Tardik's flowing and intensely romantic, melody.

"Energy" includes the hit radio single "Shakin' the House" with its repeating danceable vamps, the bossa-flavored "When It Comes To Lovin' You"—that again features Mulder—and the danceable "Frolic," with its sparring match between Tardik and keyboardist Davor Jordanovski.

The lighthearted "Laughter" showcases Tardik's mastery on nylon strings, the cool sounds of alto saxophonist Warren Hill and the loosely swinging and infectious "Smile," featuring Jaared's gritty saxphone.

The final segment, "Love," starts with the nocturnal ambience of "Blue Midnight," as Don Breithaupt's bluesy piano and Tardik's virtuoso guitar echo each other over Gabriel Mark Hasselbach atmospheric muted trumpet. Hasselbach's flugelhorn contributes to the soundtrack mood of the electric "Waiting for Love" that is followed by the flamenco-like final track, "Corazon Contento" (Happy Heart)," a three-way musical conversation with Tardik, accordionist Jordanovski and percussionist Gino Mirizio.

Although short on improvisation, this highly polished album is a testament to Tardik's immense talent as a composer and instrumentalist, and these dozen pieces, with their rhythmic hooks and catchy melodies, are never monotonous and always enjoyable even after several spins.

Track Listing: East Meets Wes; The Right Time; Kimberley's Song; Shakin' the House; When It Comes to Lovin' You; Frolic; La Buena Vida (The Good Life); Sunday Morning; Smile; Blue Midnight; Waiting for Love; Corazon Contento (Happy Heart).

Personnel: Rob Tardik: guitar, programming; Davor Jordanovski: keyboards, accordion, percussion, programming; Paul Brown: guitar, percussion; Francois Mulder: vocals; Curtis Freeman: bass; Carson Freeman: tenor saxophone; Rich Brown: bass; Mel Brown: bass; Darren Rahn: tenor saxophone, programming, keyboard, piano, Hammond B3, percussion; Don Breithaupt: piano, synthesizers, programming; Eric Sooster: bass; Gino Mirizio: percussion; Warren Hill: alto saxophone; Tony Moore: drums, programming; Jaared: alto and tenor saxophones; Jeff Salem: percussion; Gabriel Mark Hasselbach: trumpet, flugelhorn.

Record Label: Self Produced

Original CD Review may be found at
Blue Midnight - Rob Tardik
Jazz Lynx / Café Jazz Radio - January 2012

Search for the name Rob Tardik on our 2011 MPL and you may be surprised to have it pop up in no less than seven distinct locals. However, if you've heard Tardik's Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love album, this count really wouldn't come as any surprise at all. Rob gave us early notice regarding the quality and caliber of the release with the issue of the advance single, East Meets Wes featuring Paul Brown, that pre-dated the cd by a couple of months. Once the full album dropped, so did our jaw. It was straight Canadian #1's across the board, with artist, album and track!

Also see - Rob Tardik #1 top played album last year:

jazzlynx (original source)

Review of: Rob Tardik at the 25th Annual Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival After Party Show
Review by: Art Good

The energy level was Super High even though it was Super Late when 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year Rob Tardik made a Super Surprise Appearance at the 25th Annual Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival Late Night After Party. Playing his North of the Border Beat, well South of the Border, and 26 Miles Beyond on Smooth Jazz Island, his last note, fed by audience delight, did not come until The ‘M’ Bar & Grill’s final reluctant Last Call for Alcohol. The JazzTrax Festival since 1987 has been delivering up After Party surprises keeping the festival heart beat going nightly, even after the actual concert sessions end in the Avalon Ballroom....looking out to Sea. 1991 the late Grover Washington Jr. suddenly popped up “after” his Ballroom appearance jammin’ with a local band at the Blue Parrot. 1994 saw emerging trumpeter Rick Braun and an unknown saxophonist named Mindi Abair jammin’ in that same Blue Parrot Bar singing “Mustang Sally” together (which they repeated together for Rick’s final night of this year’s festival encore). and now Rob Tardik has left his unique mark on the Island too.
Rob Tardik - B.E.L.L. (BALANCE, ENERGY, LAUGHTER, LOVE) (2011)
Review by: Patrick Van de Wiele,

Canadian smooth jazz guitarist Rob Tardik won the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, and has released a new album. For him Balance, Energy, Laughter and Love are the key ingredients in leading a rewarding and fulfilling life on every level. He applied those ingredients into this new album, and the result is beautiful. Each letter stands for three songs, and Rob composed eleven out the twelve tracks. Opener on the first theme is the single ‘East Meets Wes’, co-written by Paul Brown, who also plays electric guitar and percussion on it. It’s a radio friendly track, with a nod to Wes Montgomery, across the two sides of the United States. Track two ‘The Right Time’ is sung by newcomer and South African Francois Mulder, with Rob playing in the background. The lovely ballad ‘Kimberley’s Song’ features Carson Freeman on sax. The second theme can be heard through the up-tempo song ‘Shakin’ The House’, co-written by Darren Rahn, who also plays tenor sax, Rhodes, Hammond B-3, synthesizers and drum on it. This could be the second single from the album! Then comes ‘When It Comes to Lovin’ You’, again sung by Francois Mulder, with a slight touch of bossa nova. ‘Frolic’ bubbles with energy, and again Carson Freeman lends his sax. “Laughter” is the third instalment, opened by ‘La Buena Vida (The Good Life)’, a happy Latin track, with fast playing from Rob. Sax man Warren Hill features on ‘Sunday Morning’, a mid tempo song, while another sax man, Jaared, opens the equally happy ‘Smile’. The final theme comes as romantic as can be with ‘Blue Midnight’ that features Don Breithaupt on piano, synthesizers, bass and drums/percussion programming. Countryman Gabriel Mark Hasselbach adds the finishing touch with his trumpet. ‘Waiting For Love’ is a loungy track with again Gabriel Mark Hasselbach’s muted trumpet in the background. When Rob closes with the flamenco like track ‘Carazón Contento (Happy Heart)’ he does it with a touch of world music. Again Rob proves that he’s in the upper class. He clearly loves his guitar and through this album shares it with us. Hats off!

Original CD Review may be found at
CD review: 'B.E.L.L.' by Rob Tardik
November 5, 2011

"In my life I have come to the conclusion that Balance, Energy, Laughter, and Love are the key ingredients in leading a rewarding and fulfilling life on every level. I strive for these in mine, albeit not perfect at times, I do my very best every day." - Rob Tardik ("B.E.L.L.")

Last year, when I reviewed "The Right Time," Rob Tardik’s second release, I thought that it could not get any better. Well, after listening to "Balance. Energy. Laughter. Love" ("B.E.L.L."), I am happy to report that I was wrong. Tardik did it again.

There is something very endearing about this artist. He has an appetite for life that permeates his entire body of work and gives him the ability to reinvent himself whenever he chooses to. And with "B.E.L.L.", Tardik seems to have reached a state of complete creative freedom.

This album is what I would like to call his tour de force. Anybody familiar with his music will definitely recognize his enticing signature sound. However, "B.E.L.L." has a different energy from "The Right Time." There seems to be more passion, a greater desire to push musical boundaries. And the variety of genres is definitely a plus.

One of the best tracks on the album is none other than the eponymous piece from his previous release. The song gets a new flavour with the exquisite addition of Francois Mulder’s very Michael Buble-like vocals. Mulder can also be heard on another track, titled "When It Comes to Lovin’ You."

Tardik has collaborated with some highly respected artists on this CD, including Grammy winner Paul Brown, and contemporary jazz stars like Darren Rahn, Warren Hill, Jaared and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. The result is a series of discussions between instruments that complement one another beautifully and harmoniously.

Whether you enjoy Latin-inspired tunes, contemporary jazz, pop, world, or lounge music, "B.E.L.L." is for you. The album is a feast for the ears and a treat for the mind.

About Rob Tardik
Rob Tardik is one of Ontario’s most prominent independent artists. This award-winning guitarist has shared the stage with legends like Phil Ramone, Greg Adams, Paul Brown, Peter White, Liberty Silver, David Sanborn, and Jose Feliciano.

Tardik was named Mississauga’s 2007 "Established Performer of the Year" for his musical contributions, an award won previously by Oscar Peterson and Rik Emmett. In 2010, he became a recipient of the Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year Award.

"B.E.L.L." is his third release, after "Without Words" and "The Right Time."

By: Cendrine Marrouat, Canada Art Reviews Examiner (review source)
Rob Tardik - Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love
November 2, 2011

Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love. According to Rob, these are the four key ingredients that lead to a rewarding and fulfilling life. He has taken that philosophy and applied it to this latest collection of original music. The lead off track, East Meets Wes, is a tribute to Wes Montgomery, the late California guitarist who has been such a major influence on so many players, including Rob and Paul Brown, who co-wrote the track, co-produced it and played the electric lead. There are several other familiar names on the guest list. Warren Hill adds his sultry sax to Sunday Morning, Don Briethaupt co-wrote and plays on several tracks including Blue Midnight, Darren Rahn works his special magic on Shakin’ The House , Davor Jordanovski sets the pace on the lighthearted and aptly titled Frolic, Jaared plays some tasty counterpoint to Rob’s guitar on Smile and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach steps in to lend a hand on Waiting For Love. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the fine vocal talent of Francois Mulder featured on The Right Time and When It Comes To Loving You.

Congratulations Rob for a very entertaining collection of music and for sharing your approach to life. It does ring a B.E.L.L and it’s loud and true.

Reviewed by Bob Farrow, (review source)
October 31, 2011

Translation from Spanish originally:
"Composer and guitarist, Rob Tardik, is undoubtedly one of the most relevant artists as of the start of his musical career, with the release of his first record entitled, "Without Words". In 2009 was released what would become his most successful album to date, "The Right Time", which led to his nomination and win in the category of "Guitarist of the Year" at the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards. During the awards presentation, Rob Tardik shone brightly with the distinctive honor of "Guitarist of the Year". Since his last album, two years have passed and Rob Tardik is back with the release of his latest project. This time, the composer and guitarist has chosen a curious acronym as its title, summarized by the four initials: B.E.L.L., which stand for Balance, Energy, Laughter, and Love. These quite simply and effectively comprise his philosophy of what life's essential ingredients are. On this basis, we find on "B.E.L.L." 12 excellent compositions, of which two - "The Right Time" and "When It Comes To Lovin´ You" - are performed by Francois Mulder.

The new album by Rob Tardik opens with the single entitled "East Meets Wes", featuring fellow guitarist Paul Brown. It pays homage to the legendary guitarist, Wes Montgomery. Songs that follow are "Smile", "Waiting For Love", "Blue Midnight", "Sunday Morning", and those with transcribed to Spanish titles, "La Buena Vida" ("The Good Life") and "Corazon Contento" ("Happy Heart"). With regard to the compositional aspect, Rob Tardik writes themes such as "The Right Time", "Kimberley's Song", "La Buena Vida", "Sunday Morning", "Smile" and "Corazon Contento". "Shakin' The House" is composed and arranged by the guitarist along with saxophonist Darren Rahn, who collaborates on the theme playing the saxophone. "Blue Midnight" is composed and arranged by Rob Tardik alongside Don Breithaupt and "Waiting For Love" is written and arranged by the guitarist along with keyboardist Davor Jordanovski. The theme sung by Francois Mulder entitled, "When It Comes To Lovin´You" is composed and arranged by both Don Breithaupt and the guitarist. Among the special musical guests on the album are saxophonists Carson Freeman ("Kimberley´s Song"), Darren Rahn ("Shakin´The House"), Jaared ("Smile") and Warren Hill ("Sunday Morning"); guitarist Paul Brown ("East Meets Wes") and keyboardist Davor Jordanovski ("Frolic"). Completing the roster of musicians are bass players Curtis Freeman, Eric Soostar, Rich Brown and Mel Brown; pianist Don Breithaupt; percussionists Tony Moore and Gino Mirizio; drummer Jeff Salem, and trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach.

Insofar as it relates to the guitarist, in addition to playing both nylon-stringed and acoustic guitars, careful attention is also paid to other instruments such as the programmed drums, percussion, and electric guitar. "B.E.L.L." is produced by Rob Tardik and Davor Jordanovski. Davor Jordanovski, who recorded the album at Big Bang Music Studios, located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada deals with the technical aspects of recording the album. The acoustic and nylon-stringed guitar of the theme "East Meets Wes" is recorded at Yo Cat Music/Paul Brown Studios in Sherman Oaks, California. All tracks are mixed and mastered by Davor Jordanovski and Rob Tardik at Big Bang Music Studios, with the exception of "East Meets Wes" which is mixed at Yo Cat Music/Paul Brown Studios and "Shakin´The House" which is recorded, mixed and mastered by Darren Rahn at The Litterbox, in Denver, Colorado.

By Smooth Forever, No Solo Smooth Jazz (review source in Spanish)
Check out Rob and his B.E.L.L CD in Jazziz magazine. Link here

New Album for Guitarist

October 13, 2011 - Award-winning Mississauga guitarist Rob Tardik has just released his third album, B.E.L.L. The title of the 12-track CD is an acronym for balance, energy, laughter and love.

It's billed as an "eclectic, jazzy mix of genre-bending smooth, funky and infectious contemporary instrumental music grooves" with contemporary jazz, pop, world, lounge, Latin and flamenco influences.

The adult contemporary, or smooth jazz, guitarist invited musicians to join him on the album, including contributions by drummer Tony Moore and bassists Mel Brown, Eric Soostar and Rich Brown. Tardik's core band includes saxophonist Carson Freeman, bassist Curtis Freeman, keyboardist Davor Jordanovski, drummer Jeff Salem, percussionist Gino Mirizio and guitarist Geoff Hlibka.

The album, co-produced by Tardik and his keyboardist, is broken down into four, three-song segments. Each corresponds to the album's acronym. So, one is inspired by balance, another energy, and so on.

Tardik collaborates with longtime Mississauga songwriter/pianist Don Breithaupt on two tracks, When It Comes To Lovin' You and Midnight Blue. The Emmy Award-winning Breithaupt no longer lives in Mississauga.

Other musicians to appear on the album include alto saxophonist Warren Hill and Juno Award-winning trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach.

Tardik was the recipient of the 2007 Mississauga Arts Award in the Established Performing Arts category and also received the Guitarist of the Year award at the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards.

Chris Clay, (original source)
Balance-Energy-Laughter-Love [B.E.L.L.] - Rob Tardik
September 21, 2011

Rob Tardik, winner of the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards for Guitarist of the Year has produced a new album, now available for sale. Tardik’s third album titled, “Balance-Energy-Laughter-Love [B.E.L.L.]” has an organic feel with several artist collaborations. Whether the artists contributed technically or artistically, there is creative harmony and diversity. For the first time, Tardik features Francois Mulder, born in South West Africa, to perform the vocals for two of the album’s tracks.

Unwrapping this album is like opening four mini presents at once. This album’s strength and foundation are from Tardik’s simplistic motto for living, “Life is all about Balance-Energy-Laughter-Love … so let’s all keep ringing this B.E.L.L. loud and clear!” Each letter of the acronym is segmented on the album into three songs totaling 12 tracks. The album has 11 newly composed songs plus the remake of “The Right Time”. Listen carefully and hear Tardik’s journey and purpose for life from his eyes. The placement of the songs is just as important and gives some insight into this artist’s passion for his music and life.


The song “The Right Time” might suggest time and space but it represents a declaration of love and its timing in the scheme of life. Mulder gives new life to this remake from Tardik’s self-titled album released in 2009. “Kimberly’s Song” is a thoughtful composition written for someone very dear in the heart of the artist. Not to be overlooked, “East Meets Wes” is an excellent introduction piece to the album and has been climbing the charts since its debut.


Energy can be a contrast and these songs express several facets. In this love ballad, Mulder gives “When It Comes To Lovin’ You” a fullness, richness and soulfulness with every word sung. The lyrics expose a lover’s intense feelings about the love in his life. It is the quiet energy that fortifies the soul and soothes the heart. Of course, “Frolic” and “Shakin The House” are examples of energy gone outside of the box.


If laughter is needed, then these cuts will give listeners reasons to be glad to be alive. The three songs “La Buena Vida [The Good Life]”, “Sunday Morning” and “Smile” make the heart and soul happy. “La Buena Vida [The Good Life]”, sounds like a flamenco dancer’s choreography set to music. Could life get any better than this if it were not set to this musical rendition of living life head on?


These songs were written from the heart and for the heart while Tardik plays his nylon guitars for all three tracks. “Waiting for Love” features Gabriel Mark Hasselbach on trumpet and flugelhorn and is a beautiful instrumental that seamlessly intertwines the two instruments. The finished piece is a musical gooey goodness that oozes love from every played note.

What makes this album unique in its production is the generosity of Tardik to share and collaborate with other artists to present an album for listeners to enjoy. Bravo for Tardik’s generous spirit and foresight to give us such a diverse album. Interestingly, Tardik did not give the album a self-titled song but chose to let every piece contribute to the B.E.L.L. album title. The album not only affirms Tardik’s talents but displays his love for the music he plays. As an Indie artist, Tardik balances the art and business sides of the industry and has creatively conquered both with finesse.

With each purchase, there is exclusive access to additional downloads and privileged content by using a special key code, located inside the album cover. Support this artist’s quest to continue bringing his artistry and passion to the world. Listen to sample cuts and purchase the album at

Kim Yvette Stanley, (review source)
Rob Tardik — Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love
The Smooth Jazz Ride - September 7, 2011

Canadian Smooth Jazz Award winning guitarist Rob Tardik shows off his suave manipulations of the nylon guitar again on his latest release, Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love (aka B.E.L.L.), once again puts on full display what it’s like to be a polished veteran of the genre.

With a mix of chilled out and spirited pieces ranging from contemporary jazz to Latin to pop, Tardik grabs you and holds on until there’s no denying the attractiveness of his style in this CD of memorable moments and vibes.

Opening with "East Meets Wes" a sparkling and obvious tribute to the legendary Wes Montgomery, Tardik strides through this album, strumming up, among other tunes, an upbeat “Shakin’ the House,” the funky mid-tempo “Frolic,” a pop-friendly “The Right Time,” the handsome and beautifully melodic Latin-laced “La Buena Vida (The Good Life)” (one of my faves), the easy, mellow “Sunday Morning,” the airy little mover called “Smile,” the romantically enticing “Blue Midnight,” the multi-themed (World/Latin/jazz) beauty entitled "Waiting For Love" (another of my faves), and the light Latinesque “Corazon Contento (Happy Heart).”

Tardik says, “In my life, I have come to the conclusion that Balance, Energy, Laughter, and Love are the key ingredients in leading a rewarding and fulfilling life on every level.” We would do well to adopt his theory.

With such fine material and expert help from the likes of guitarist Paul Brown, saxmen Warren Hill and Jaared, and bassist Mel Brown, Tardik also guarantees the balance and ring of quality in this B.E.L.L.

Ronald Jackson, (original source)

ROB TARDIK: Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love
De Canadá para el mundo - 17 de agosto de 2011

The following review, in Spanish, is from RADIOTRECE

El tercer álbum del guitarrista canadiense Rob Tardik acaba de ser editado y sin duda es un verdadero hallazgo en todo sentido. Rob, ganador del Premio al mejor guitarrista del año pasado en la categoría smooth jazz en Canadá ya había demostrado en sus dos previos trabajos ("Without Words" y "The Right Time") su depurado estilo y creatividad. Con la edición de B.E.L.L. siglas que responden a las palabras Balance (Balance), Energy (Energía), Laughter (Risas) y Love (Amor) es evidente que Tardik ha alcanzando un notable crecimiento musical. Con 11 composiciones propias, arregladas en su mayoría por él mismo y la participación de varias figuras de primer nivel B.E.L.L. nos ofrece un excelente material. El primer corte y el single que actualmente promociona el álbum "East Meets Wes" es una prolija rendición al estilo de un grande del jazz como Wes Montgomery. Con la participación y producción de otro notable guitarrista como Paul Brown, el tema esta destinado a brillar en los charts de jazz contemporáneo. Pero además de Brown las presencias de los consagrados saxofonistas Darren Rahn y Warren Hill en "Shakin The House" y "Sunday Morning" respectivamente le agregan un toque de distinción al pulcro trabajo de este brillante guitarrista. También vale la pena destacar al vocalista canadiense Francois Mulder en dos hermosas composiciones ("The Right Time" y "When It Comes To loving You") donde la guitarra de Rob se complementa maravillosamente bien con la distintiva voz de Mulder. El álbum mantiene un nivel de calidad a través de todos los temas y algunos de ellos ofrecen no solamente el buen gusto y talento de Tardik sino también el agregado de notables músicos como los pianistas Davor Jordanovski (co-productor del álbum) y Don Breithaupt, los excelentes saxos de Carson Freeman y Jaared y el trompetista Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. Recomendable para el amante de la buena música, B.E.L.L. es un álbum que definitivamente supera con creces todas las expectativas. "East Meets Wes" puede ser escuchado diariamente en nuestra programación. Publicado por Radiotrece.

English Translation:
The third album from Canadian guitarist Rob Tardik has just been released and is, without a doubt, a great find in every sense of the word. Rob, winner of last year's Canadian Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year Award, had previously demonstrated on his prior two releases ("Without Words" and "The Right Time") his perfected style and creativity. On B.E.L.L., acronym which corresponds to Balance, Energy, Laughter, and Love, Tardik's musical growth is most evident. Featuring 11 of his own, predominantly self-arranged, original compositions and participation by various top-notch players, B.E.L.L. provides us with excellent material. The first track and single, which currently promotes the album, "East Meets Wes", is a prolific rendition to the style of jazz great, Wes Montgomery. Featuring participation by notable guitarist Paul Brown, who also co-produced the song, it's destined to shine at the top of contemporary jazz charts. In addition to Brown, the album boasts participation by established saxophonists Darren Rahn and Warren Hill, respectively, on "Shakin' The House" and "Sunday Morning" as they add a distinctive touch to this brilliant guitarist's album. Another noteworthy highlight is participation by Canadian vocalist, Francois Mulder, on two lovely compositions, "The Right Time" and "When It Comes To Loving You", on which Rob's guitar beautifully compliments Mulder's distinctive vocals. The album maintains a quality level throughout, and many songs not only highlight Tardik's talent and good taste, but also include contributions by notable musicians such as pianist Davor Jordanovski (the album's co-producer) and Don Breithaupt, as well as by excellent sax players Carson Freeman, Jaared, and trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. This album comes highly recommended to any lover of great music, as B.E.L.L. is an album that definitely far exceeds all expectations. "East Meets Wes" can be heard daily on our program, brought to you by Radiotrece.
"The Tempo Never Slows for Mississauga Jazz Man"
Mississauga Business Times - December 8, 2010

See this article about Rob (HERE) by Mike Beggs, published in the Dec 8 2010 edition of The Mississauga Business Times.
Tardik Tops The Charts - October 14, 2010

Mississauga guitarist Rob Tardik continues to make a name for himself himself south of the border. Tardik's most recent album, The Right Time, is No. 1 on the U.S Smooth Jazz Charts for the fourth straight week. The 12-track album was recorded at Mississauga's Big Bang Music Recording Studios with studio owner Davor Jordanovski and released in late 2009. "It's a very positive album and filled with good energy," Tardik told The News earlier. In April 2010, Tardik won the Guitarist/Bass Guitarist of the Year award at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards held at the Living Arts Centre. He was also the recipient of the 2007 Mississauga Arts Award in the Established Performing Arts category. The Right Time sells for $15 and can be purchased at

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Rob's music is now being played in Poland...

"Thanks a lot for your post on fb. I am a huge fan of smooth jazz for years. I found your name on chart, then I found samples on your website - and eventualy I bought your cd. :-) Thanks God for the Internet. I am the author and host of the "Chilli Smooth" radio show on Radio Merkury. The station broadcasts in Poznan, Poland and covers large parts of western Poland. "Chilli Smooth" can be also heard on Radio Merkury's website on Saturdays 10:00 PM CET. The show's main musical style is smooth jazz of course. It will be a huge pleasure for me to play your music on the show. Hope to hear from you."

Pawel Oses
Buddies Win At Jazz Awards
The Right Time

April 24, 2010 - A pair of Mississauga musicians, and good friends, won awards in their respective categories last night at the sixth annual Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards.

Rob Tardik won the Guitarist/Bass Guitarist of the Year award while his friend Carson Freeman, who played saxophone on Tardik's latest album The Right Time, received the Wind Instrumentalist of the Year award during a gala ceremony at the Living Arts Centre.

The evening featured performances by a slew of artists, including Jessy J, Michael Kaeshammer, Groove Kings, Four80East, Darren Rahn, Peter White, Greg Adams, Marc Antoine, Rick Braun, Peter White, Paul Brown and, the evening's host, Alexander Zonjic.

The show culminated with the presentation of the George Benson Lifetime Achievement Award. This year's winner was saxophonist David Sanborn, who received the award from Grammy Award-winning producer and composer Phil Ramone. Sanborn also performed live at the show.

Sanborn, who lives in New York City, is a five-time Grammy winner. He's been performing for 40 years and has released 24 recordings. Sanborn is billed by show officials as one of the most influential sax players in jazz.

He played on David Bowie's Young Americans and has performed with artists such as Paul Simon, the Rolling Stones, Carly Simon, Linda Ronstadt, the Eagles and Stevie Wonder. He also contributed a solo on James Taylor's cover of the Marvin Gaye hit How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You).

Other winners include:
• George Benson - International Instrumentalist of the Year
• Norah Jones - International Vocalist of the Year
• Pieces of a Dream - International Group of the Year
• Carol Welsman - Female Vocalist of the Year
• Michael Buble - Male Vocalist of the Year
• Michael Kaeshammer - Keyboardist/Pianist of the Year
• Tony Grace - Drummer/Percussionist of the Year
• Alexander Zonjic's Doin’ The D - Album of the Year
• Groove Kings - Group/Duo of the Year
• Isabelle by Michael Kaeshammer, Ron Lopata, Andrea Koziol and Joel Parisien - Best Original Composition
• Alexander Zonjic - Broadcaster of the Year

Chris Clay, -'s%20on/article/805186--buddies-win-at-jazz-awards
Artists busy with concerts

April 20, 2010 - Mississauga guitarist Rob Tardik will perform on Thursday at a pre-Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards concert. Tardik, who's nominated in the Guitarist/Bass Guitarist of the Year category, will be joined by fellow nominee, saxophonist Carson Freeman (Wind Instrumentalist of the Year).

The three-hour show starts at 8 p.m. at Novotel Mississauga. The sixth annual Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards take place Friday at the Living Arts Centre. The pre-awards event is sponsored by Wave 94.7FM, with Vickie Van Dyke serving as guest host. Tardik released his 12-track album, The Right Time, last year. The instrumental album was recorded at Mississauga's Big Bang Music Recording Studios and features Freeman playing both saxophone and flute.

Tardik was the recipient of the 2007 Mississauga Arts Award in the Established Performing Arts category. In other music news, Streetsville vocal ensemble Justus performs Saturday at Westminster United Church. Show time is 7 p.m. Tickets cost $15 and can be purchased by calling 905-273-9505. Funds raised at the concert go to the church for upgrades. Mississauga spoken-word artist J. Nichole Noel presents the Intimate Interludes concert on April 30 at Ocean 49 Restaurant in Toronto. It features the artist performing while backed by a live band. The Toronto International Reggae Music Award-winning performer has written two poetry books and children's stories, and recorded two albums of spoken-word poetry.

Chris Clay,'s%20on/article/803050--artists-busy-with-concerts (original source)
Rob's CD: The Right Time is climbing the charts at
Read Interview with Rob
Many new reviews, interviews, press articles and listeners' comments about The Right Time are being added here regularly.

Rob talks about his new CD, The Right Time and his nomination for 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards Guitarist of the Year.
Also CD - The Right Time reviewed by Read full review on Rob's website here.

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Rob Tardik is honoured to now be endorsed by D’Addario Canada, manufacturer of fine musical instruments and accessories: "I have been using their strings for all my nylon and electric guitars forever. Their Hard Tension EXP46 Nylon strings last 3-4 times longer, hold their clarity and intonation and don’t turn green on me after a weekend of gigs!"
Rob Tardik
The Right Time

I've had the pleasure with working with Rob Tardik and know from first-hand experience what an amazing guitarist he is! I also still have the pleasure of working with sax-man Carson Freeman, delightfully featured on Rob's stellar new CD "The Right Time". So just imagine how thrilled I am to see both these beautiful boys receive nominations for the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards! This new CD is definitely a "Smoothy". From one track to the next, Rob's mellow groove shines through. "That's A Strut" has always been a personal favorite, and "Flow" does exactly that, layering Davor Jordanovski's gorgeous piano with Rob's perfectly nuanced guitar and Carson's always tasty sax. My new favorite? The final track "Waiting for Rain". What can I say ... it is breathtakingly beautiful. It is obviously "The Right Time" for Rob Tardik. Welcome to the big time, my friend!

Vickie van Dyke,
Midday Host
Wave 94.7FM
Read the review: Rob Tardik - The Right Time, October 4, 2009

by Anthony Kershaw, Jazz Recordings
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