Rob Tardik Gives Us Wonderful “Moments”

Dec 1, 2015 - by: Milena Staniskovska,

Rob Tardik is an award winning guitarist and contemporary jazz/world instrumental music artist. He has performed at venues all across North America the prestigious Glenn Gould Theatre in Toronto. Rob enjoyed a stellar release with his 2011/12 3rd CD release Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love (B.E.L.L.) which spawned 3 U.S Billboard singles two of which went Top 10 and 2015 with his new single “Sip and Salsa”, as one of the most added tracks on the Billboard U.S Smooth Jazz charts, while his 5th CD “Moments” was released in November 2015.


We talked with Mr. Tardik and he told us everything about his experience with the new album.


I experienced many incredible “Moments” while recording this album – from working with many new amazing artists and studio musicians to recording in different parts of Canada and the U.S for the first time.


He is a very inspirational artist, so he draws inspiration from himself and his life.


Looking back, the key defining “Moments” in my life – such as having children, falling in love, reflecting on my past/present/future, and many others – were the most important factor inspiring the twelve tracks on my fifth album and were the foundation I used to compose all the songs, inspire my collaboration with others and assemble a stellar cast of performers to bring these “Moments” of my life to fruition.


We heard the album, so we know that it’s amazing, but Rob is telling us, what can you expect from this wonderful mix.


As always, listeners can expect a fun and engaging musical journey with an eclectic mix of positive energy-infused songs brought together by my signature guitar sounds and writing style. From nylon to electric guitar to vocal songs with me singing, the album features an amazing cast of top name players like Steve Oliver, Will Donato and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, and bassists Gary Grainger from Acoustic Alchemy and Roberto Vally from Bobby Caldwell’s band.


Just like people, songs and albums can be the same and have the same purpose, this is how Tardik feels his new album.


With this new album, and having lived 46 years and counting, I feel this is my strongest and most mature record to date, which has come from being able to create and write new music drawn from my life’s experience thus far.


Todays jazz scene is getting stronger and more talented day by day, so we asked Rob’s opinion about this.


I feel the current and older generation of musicians is putting out some amazing new music these days, but I also strongly believe that music – whether it’s jazz or any other style – needs the help of education and dedicated teachers RIGHT NOW to help inspire the future generation of young musicians. We are in the midst of a digital revolution that is moving at such a fast pace in all our lives. I want to inspire young people to slow down, take up an instrument and take things moment by moment, stopping every now and then to enjoy what it’s like to play an instrument and jam with others, not always be in front of a screen. 


And of course our final question was about Rob Taridik’s future plans, because we all want to hear and see more from him.


My future plans are to simply continue creating new songs/music, expanding my own musical skills, and inspiring and educating others so music continues to grow and evolve. Music at the core was fun for me and that’s why I started to play guitar. It’s what keeps me going day by day. It’s a tough business, but the fun factor is one of the keys to staying sane in this business. Perseverance is the main factor.

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