Rob Tardik – MOMENTS (2015)

Nov 2, 2015 - by: Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride

Since the very early 2000s, guitarist Rob Tardik has been dazzling listeners with his exciting and often exotic mix of substantive c-jazz/R&B/rock and burning hot Latin melodies. With tunes so attractive, they are by nature riveting, seductive, uplifting, and powerful. Rob Tardik CDSuch is the case with his latest release Moments, another eclectic gem.


Seizing the moment and leading off with a Latin scorcher, “Sip and Salsa,” inspired by his fiancé’s love of dance, the gifted guitarist soars from one mood to another. Examples would be track two’s sizzler jazz/rocker “Rite of Passage,” then on to the romantic R&B deliciousness of “Moments in Time” featuring the silky lead vocals of one Aiden Castillo and sweet backing harmonies of vocalists Dee and Brittani Cole, and the handsome downtempo Latin-tinged “Eros.” Definitely not applying the brakes on the project yet, Tardik treats us to a stinger with a mean hook called “Hang Time” which is co-written by fellow guitarist Steve Oliver (who is featured in some way or other throughout the album). In fact, Oliver co-produced the album with Tardik. A very cool pairing indeed.


Tardik enjoys the contributions of other very fine notable musicians here, as well, including saxmen Will Donato and Walle Larsson, trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, bassist Gary Grainger (of Acoustic Alchemy fame), pianist/keyboardist Nate Harasim, and a host of others who felt the groove and wanted in.


Speaking of feeling the groove, you will definitely want to stop by and check out the blazing funkster called “Stop!,” a command you may have trouble obeying on the dance floor. Whew. Is there a fire extinguisher in the house?


On the tracks Oliver co-wrote, it’s amazing how easily Tardik captures that Oliver style and feel as Oliver doesn’t even play guitar here but opts to showcase his talents on bass, keys, piano, and programming. Interesting.


Tardik returns to that Latin flair with the seductively tasteful and bright “A New Life,” and, after an impressive harmonics-laden exercise on the Latin-teased “Voyageur” and an instrumental version of “Moments in Time,” finishes it all off with the radio version of “Rite of Passage.”


This CD is loaded with fun. You should enjoy the wonderful colors and styles presented here and appreciate the kind of quality and body Tardik brings to the genre…again.

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