Rob Tardik – SYNERGY (2017)

Dec 13, 2017 - by: Patrick Van de Wiele

The sixth release.

It’s been two years since I reviewed ‘Moments’ and now Rob submitted me his latest album. And again he brings his own brand of contemporary jazz, with influences from different genres. The title track is also the first single, and Rob gets help from Vincent Ingala (this time not on sax) on bass, piano & drum/percussion, and from sax man Carson Freeman. It’s a melodic up-tempo track, that was co-produced by Ingala. On ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Mark Masri sings lead vocal and harmonies, and the track leans towards rock. Rob takes on flamenco for ‘Hope’, while ‘Two Much Fun’ is a lovely, relaxed track. And Rob also uses acoustic guitar for ‘Crying With You’, followed by the uplifting and catchy ‘Let’s Get Together’, with Roberto Vally on bass. Speedy guitar licks are present on ‘M&M’s’, that leans towards fusion. ‘Synchronicity’ is much more relaxed, while ‘Perseverance’ brings out Rob as I like him most. Than it’s back to rock with ‘SRT’ and sports cars. There’s even a bit of country music in ‘The GuiTardik’s Stomp’. The closing tune ‘Motion’ makes me think of Gypsy Kings, acoustic gypsy jazz. There’s no mistake here, Rob explores different musical genres, all within his own contemporary jazz.

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