Rob Tardik – SYNERGY

Dec 13, 2017 - by: Hans-Bernd Hulsmann

Toronto based guitar virtuoso Rob Tardik is a regular contributor to the smooth jazz world. Without Words (2006), followed byThe Right Time (2009), Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love (B.E.L.L) in 2011 Limitless(2013), and Moments (2015) are landmarks in music history. The new albumSynergy(2017) exploits Tardik’s full potential, who focuses this time on teamwork and diversity.


Synergy starts with Rob’s powerful and funky guitar chords in remarkable mastery and conviction. Carson Freeman adds his colorful signature tenor sax sound. Vincent Ingala does not appear as a well-known saxophonist but shows his talents as bassist, pianist and drum programmer.


Once in a Lifetime turns the pointer on soft rock music featuring Mark Masri as lead vocalist in the style of Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen. The uplifting Hope is an entertaining mood-setter with the flair of Rocco Granata’s huge hit Marina.


Two Much Fun is the aptly description of the emotional undimmed playfulness between guitarist Tardik, saxophonist Freeman and keyboardist Davor Jordanovski, who has significantly contributed to the success of the album.


The soul searing beauty of Crying with You originates from the impressive acoustic guitar harmony Tardik masters with breathtaking perfection. Let’s Get Together is spreading cheerful atmosphere in a colorful panorama of instruments and vocals. M&M’s is a vibrant demonstration of guitar virtuosity, that finds its equivalence in Jordanovski’s ingenious keyboard work.


Synchronicity is the magic word for the ideal state when two artists are responding to the melodic flow in perfect harmony like Tardik and Freeman. Perseverance is a term that is more at home in high performance sports. But it is also demanded of the musicians who devote their lives to the muse. SRT stands for Street and Racing Technology, uprated vehicles from Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep. Rob goes full on rock music in musical correspondent of the powerful engines.


The GuiTardik’s Stomp is a celebration of the soul and spirit breathing in country music. The synthetic word Guitardik is a combination of guitar and Tardik and the title of Tardik’s label. Which genre is missing? You are right, Motion is the answer for all lovers of acoustic guitar music.


Rob Tardik practices with Synergy the greatest possible diversity of music-writing styles. Not everything for everyone, but something for everyone could be the motto of the album. 

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